Are you ready to transform your health & fitness?
 We are looking for 3 individuals who are ready to transform their life over the next 12 weeks.
Find out if you're our perfect match
  •  Are you able to attend 3 session per week?
  • Do you want customized guidance + counseling on your nutrition? We give you the tools that you need to succeed. .
  •  Would you benefit from personal training?
  • Do you need accountability + guidance along the way?
  •  Would you benefit from a flexible schedule? 
  • Not afraid of commitment?  We want you here for all 12 weeks to truly see the results of your hard work
  •   Not looking to lose weight? No problem.  This isn't just a weight-loss program.  We encourage all types of transformations.
  •  Do you want a fitness routine with structure and personal programming?

Mateo Lopez
Owners of Signum CrossFit
Opening in early 2018!
Rob & Emily met at a CrossFit  gym in Baltimore and now have two kids named Will and Reese. They love helping others achieve their health & fitness goals. Signum CrossFit is an outlier in the industry by design. Rob & Emily have built their boutique practice to provide more 1-on-1 coaching access than any other gym in the area. 
Will you be our next success story?
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